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Do you offer gluten-free options on your menu?

Yes, we offer a variety of gluten-free options at Javi's Best Of Tex-Mex. Just ask our staff for recommendations or look for the gluten-free symbol on our menu.

Can you accommodate specific vegetarian or vegan dietary needs?

Yes, we can customize many dishes to fit vegetarian or vegan diets. Just let your server know your dietary preferences, and we'll be happy to adjust your meal accordingly.

How do you handle food allergies in your restaurant?

We take food allergies seriously at Javi's Best Of Tex-Mex. Please inform your server of any allergies, and we will take extra care in preparing your meal to avoid cross-contact with allergens.

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At Javi's Best Of Tex-Mex, we're committed to excellence. Our success is measured by the flavors we offer and the satisfaction of our valued guests. We're thankful for the feedback, reflecting the dedication of our team..

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